About the portal

This is the evJagruthi Web Portal for creating awareness about electric mobility in India. The portal aims to serve as a ‘one-stop site’ to provide all the information related to the adoption of electric vehicles in Karnataka. The Karnataka EV Awareness Portal is the result of a joint initiative between NITI Aayog and the UK Government.

By providing access to state-specific information about e-mobility, the portal assists the users to:

  • Switch to electric vehicles by providing insights about the state’s targets, incentives, support mechanisms and initiatives of the Karnataka regarding electric mobility.

  • Assess the benefits of electric vehicles with uniquely designed tools to determine the users' savings with electric vehicles compared to petrol/diesel vehicle

  • Get all the Karnataka -specific information on the electric vehicle market and industry and the key developments driving the e-mobility ecosystem forward.

  • Set up the electric vehicle or associated enterprise by facilitating information on the key processes, policies and the existing startup ecosystem of Karnataka.

The evJagruthi Web Portal caters to the needs and priorities of a diverse set of stakeholders, including but not limited to future electric vehicle users, early electric vehicle adopters, government, academia, the research community, industry, businesses house, and consultants. The portal is accessible through different devices such as PCs, mobile phones, and tablets and includes support for assistive technologies such as screen readers.

We endeavor to continuously enhance and enrich this portal in terms of its content, coverage, design, and technology on a regular basis. To this end, the stakeholders can provide their valuable feedback at helpline@bescom.co.in. Furthermore, the portal also empowers stakeholders to share relevant content that they can upload to the website from time to time.

As an accelerator of change, this portal will influence various stakeholders, including millions of state’s users, to adopt electric vehicles, drawing more investments into the state’s electric mobility sector.